Helping individuals and couples craft their partnership


attention and intention. 



Love Coaching

The Bridge is the pathway to embracing our soulful recognition of the powerful
symbols and rituals that are part of your journey to marital union.

Through personal coaching, spiritual guidance, meditation training and the art of Mandala, The Bridge is an alternative source of pre-marital insight and inspiration from the excitement of engagement until you walk down the aisle.


Marriage Mandala

The Mandala is an ancient art form. It is a symbolic physical reflection of your relationship to your self, your partner, and your place in the world.

The Bridge uses the mandala as a gateway to understanding committed partnership. When we draw and understand the symbolic space we share with our beloved, we understand them and the meaning of our union in a deeper way.


Wedding Astrology

Vedic Astrology is an ancient tool for revealing the divine time for special events such as your wedding! The stars hold ancient wisdom for those who listen.

The Bridge acknowledges your wedding day as a sacred ritual. One aspect of ritual is divining the timing and meaning of the date you will be married. The Bridge takes the idea of "wedding planner" to a whole new level!



spiritual guide,


wedding cake confectioner,

and student of Love, Cory Lewis.


What Couples Gain Through 'the Bridge'

·      Clarity in who you are as a couple– what attributes each of you contributes to your relationship

·      Increased Creativity and Connection

·      Shared sense of Well Being

·      Appreciation for the rich legacy of the symbolism and ritual that have transcended centuries.

·      Enriched in the knowledge that you join centuries of lovers transformed into partners. 


It is like becoming a star that is part of a larger constellation, a constellation of lovers.